Double Murder and Suicide in Miklóshalma


The Nickelsdorf police were alerted at around half past nine in the morning. A witness saw a man lying in a garden and a gunshot was heard earlier. When the police arrived, they found three people on the property, who were parents and their son. The 67-year-old father and 59-year-old mother were still alive when the emergency services arrived, but later they died of their serious injuries.

Their 33-year-old son was already dead at the time. The Hungarian name of the settlement is Miklóshalma, it is on the other side of the Austro-Hungarian border, near Hegyeshalom. According to the available information, it is assumed that the boy committed suicide after killing his parents.

“Witnesses are being questioned at the moment,” police spokesman Helmut Marban told APA. He also said it was possible that prosecutors would order an autopsy. Gerhard Zapfl, mayor of Nickelsdorf, told APA: “The people living in the village were shocked by this terrible act.” He said the people knew the family were inconspicuous, and saw no sign of what had happened.

Zapfl expressed his condolences to the relatives for the “extremely tragic event”.

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