Man From Dunaújváros Killed and Dismembered His Wife


A man from Dunaújváros killed and dismembered his wife. The Fejér County Police Headquarters initiated criminal proceedings in the case for manslaughter.

According to the headquarters, a woman reported the victim’s missing. According to the information obtained by the Fejér county investigators, the 62-year-old suspect from Dunaújváros killed his wife between September 17th and 21st, dismembered her body, and then hid the parts.

In order to clarify the circumstances of the case and to prove the crime, a special investigative team was formed, in which investigators from the counties of Fejér, Pest and Veszprém, as well as the Life Protection Department of the National Investigation Bureau of the Emergency Police, are also participating. The police found remains of body parts from the wife in the van used by the suspect. Teodóra Jászberényiné Király, the spokesperson of the Fejér County Prosecutor’s Office, told the press that the court had ordered the arrest of the man suspected of the crime in accordance with the prosecutor’s proposal.

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