Cooldown to Come With Huge Thunderstorms


The heatwave will end soon.


The hottest day of this year so far was Wednesday, the air warmed to around 35 degrees on a national average, but there were also where the temperature reached 37-38 degrees.

The record of 37.7 degrees in Sopron in 2002 was broken at two meteorological stations: 37.8 degrees were measured in Dombegyháza and Berettyóújfalu. The air in the capital, especially in Újpest, has warmed to 36.6 degrees, which is 0.5 degrees higher than the previous record, also in 2002, the National Meteorological Service said.

However, the hottest day of the current heatwave is just coming. According to the forecast, the average daily temperature in the eastern part of the country, including Hajdú-Bihar, is likely to be above 29 ° C. There is still a red alarm in many counties due to heat.

A cold front is already approaching, but it will be rough. On Friday, the cold front, which brings temporary refreshment, will reach our country from the northwest. Big storms are expected to arrive from the west on Friday night and they will go east through the country until Saturday dawn. Hail, stormy winds and thunderstorms can occur, and the formation of a single supercell is not ruled out.


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