Mi Hazánk Against Maintaining Lockdown


The extra-parliamentary Mi Hazánk party does not support extending Covid-related restrictions, Dóra Dúró, the party’s deputy leader, told a press conference. She insisted that the lockdown measures were “unreasonable, inconsistent, and in many cases counter-productive”, arguing that shops forced to close at 7pm increased crowdedness in the afternoon.
Dúró criticised measures that allowed “casinos and shopping malls generally filled with the outlets of multinationals” to remain open, while restaurants typically operated by small or medium-size companies were forced to be closed. Mi Hazánk wants the curfew to be lifted and opening hours of shops extended, she said. Dúró said she was puzzled by the lockdown covering open-air game parks and zoos, as well as at the ban on open-air sports around residential homes.




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