Tougher Covid-19 Restrictions Mulled

Europe National
Proposals by the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors to tighten restrictions in the fight against Covid-19 are being considered by the operative board responsible for handling the epidemic, the chief medical officer told a press briefing.

Cecília Müller said in response to a question that some of the chamber’s proposals announced on Tuesday had already been implemented. Ways to enforce existing regulations more effectively are also being examined, she said, adding that the operative board was open to cooperation with the doctors’ chamber. Müller said Hungary’s health-care system was prepared for handling the current wave of the epidemic, with everyone getting the care they need “at the highest level”. She said screening capacities were being increased, with 15,596 PCR tests carried out in the past 24 hours.
The Chamber of Doctors proposed stricter and more consistent rules for mass events, including tighter control of mask-wearing and social distancing rules. It also proposed further restrictions on the opening hours and number of guests in restaurants and entertainment venues as well as shopping times for the elderly. It said current screening and contact tracing capacities were insufficient for monitoring the spread of the epidemic and that the government should emphasise the importance of individual prevention.


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