Stink Bugs Invaded Hungary – Is There a Cure Against Them?


Unfortuntely, stink bugs have invaded Hungary this autumn, they are everywhere, and scientists do not know about any natural predators that would eat these bugs. However, researchers of the Plant Protection Institute at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are working on a cure against them.

Although, these green and brown bugs are harmless to people, they mean a real danger to plants, fruits and vegetables. Now, Hungarian scientists are trying to find an effective weapon against these annoying little creatures. To protect the agriculture plants, experts want to plant useless ones among the agriculture ones, so stink bugs would eat those, instead of cereals, fruits and vegetables. Another method would be the examination of stink bugs’ natural habitat and those places where they hide during winter time. Experts would create an artificial habitat, which looks the same as their natural one, but it would be a trap for them to make their destruction easier. Experts say that these traps will be ready by 2020.



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