The Emergency Department of Szent Imre Hospital is Temporarily Not Admitting Patients

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After the morning fire on Sunday, the emergency department of Szent Imre Hospital is temporarily not admitting patients, the institution reported on its Facebook page in the evening.


It was written that preliminary studies showed that a patient smoking in the detoxification room of the emergency department could have caused a fire at Szent Imre University Teaching Hospital in which the patient died.

The fire was extinguished, but the room burned out and the whole building had to be ventilated due to the presence of smoke. By this time, patients in the affected building had been placed in another wing of the hospital, and four patients in the emergency department had been transferred to other health facilities.

Most patients were relocated back to their original ward in the morning. Due to the damage that has occurred, such as soot covering the walls, the emergency department is temporarily not accepting patients. Other departments of the institution are not affected, they explained.

“On-call staff as well as the on-site management of the hospital were involved in the rapid and safe placement of patients so that patients were not in immediate danger,” they highlighted.

The damage is being assessed and the hospital will start rehabilitating the affected area as soon as possible, the institution said.
A fire broke out in Szent Imre Hospital on Tétényi út in the district on Sunday morning.

Máté Kisdi, a spokesman for the Budapest Disaster Management Directorate, told MTI that the fire burned in a room on the ground floor of about 50 square meters. However, the flames and heat load damaged the building by about 100 square meters.
The circumstances of the accident are examined by the Disaster Management in the framework of an official procedure.

Pál Győrfi, a spokesman for the National Ambulance Service, previously told MTI that a young woman had lost her life due to severe burns. He added seven rescue units arrived at the scene, two men and one woman were taken to another hospital’s toxicology department on suspicion of smoke poisoning.

Miklós Kásler, the Minister of Human Resources, was informed on the spot that the patients, the doctors, nurses and the entire staff who were treating them were safe, and assured Róbert Bedros, Director General of the hospital, of all his help.

The minister said in a video posted on his Facebook page that the most important task is to reorganize the emergency care in Budapest and start the reconstruction immediately after placing the patients in safety.



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