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Wine,Tourism & the World – Business Communication & Intercultural Skills: FREE TRAINING DEMO.

Eger’s new generation of winemakers are taking things to the next level. There are new facilities, new technologies and modern branding campaigns being implemented.

The Eger region is also one of Hungary’s top tourist destinations, bringing tens of thousands of international visitors to hotels, restaurants and local attractions.

But what about communication?

How are foreign business partners and visitors being received and communicated with?

Communication is at the heart of global business and speaking English isn’t enough anymore. You need to take your skills to the next level by communicating effectively in everyday business situations. You need to stay competitive by providing a world class experience, and that starts and ends, with communication.

Link Global Business Solutions Kft. invites you to learn how to:

• write more effective emails
• run better meetings
• create and deliver more impactful presentations
• develop intercultural awareness
• succeed in your global negotiations

Join us for a FREE DEMO – Practice and improve your soft skills to meet the many challenges of the international wine and tourism trade.

The event is open to wine professionals, tourism professionals and anyone looking to improve their business communication skills.

Presentation will be in English.
This event is free to attend.

Date: March 29th, 2019. Friday 10:00 am to 11;30 am

Venue: Eger, Labor Eger kollektív ház, Érsek utca 9. (inside Erzsébet Udvar)

Colm Fitzgerald & John Graham, Link Global Business Solutions Kft. –

Labor Association of Eger –

Törőcsik Gábor startup coordinator, Eger, INPUT programme –

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