Jupiter and Saturn will be close to each other in a rare occasion


In December, Jupiter and Saturn will approach each other, which will look like a great bright star.

There has been no such coexistence since the 18th century and a similar astronomical phenomenon will happen only in 2080. The two planets will be closest to each other on December 21, 6 arc minutes. This means that the distance between them will be only one-fifth of the diameter of the moon disk – astronomer László Kiss, director of the Astronomy and Earth Sciences Research Center (CSFK), told MTI.

“In mid and late December, if someone is a little short-sighted, they will see it as the two planets had merged.” – mondta Kiss László.

The celestial phenomenon results from the movement and orbital time of Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn. Jupiter orbits the Sun in 11 years, and Saturn in more than three decades.

The phenomenon can be observed with binoculars after sunset, low above the southwest horizon. It is worth looking at the sky from a place where no houses or trees block the southwest direction. Even with the 200-250x magnification binoculars, you will be able to see Jupiter and its four largest moons in one field, as well as the five brightest moons and rings of Saturn.



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