Hungary in Talks With Ukrainian Counterpart on Developing Hungary-Ukraine Border Section


Hungarian and Ukrainian officials have discussed proposals to build a motorway connection and open a new border crossing alongside associated border transport investments with the aim of fulfilling a long-standing aim to improve accessibility for passengers and the transport of goods.


Very few of the many proposals discussed in the last ten years have been jointly implemented, Levente Magyar, the foreign ministry’s parliamentary state secretary, told journalists after meeting Mustafa Nayyem, Ukraine’s deputy infrastructure minister, on Friday at the Beregsurány-Astei (Asztély) border crossing.


“Today the Ukrainian side has expressed a real and sincere intention to speed up [its] implementation,” Magyar said. Building the first motorway link between Ukraine and Hungary is the most important task, he said. Several tens of kilometers of motorway must be built on the Hungarian side of the border, he said, adding that on the Ukrainian side the priority was building a road section bypassing Berehove (Beregszász). Further shared tasks include the construction of a new bridge across the River Tisza at Záhony as well as opening a border crossing between Nagyhodos and Velyka Palad (Nagypalád), Magyar said. Hungary and Ukraine will seek financial support from the EU for those projects, too, he said.


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