Hungary Helps to Support Projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina


The Hungary Helps programme is supporting the construction of a Catholic Church and the renovation of a grammar school in central Bosnia, Tristan Azbej, the state secretary responsible for aiding persecuted Christians, told MTI on Thursday after visiting the facilities with local leaders.


The projects are aimed at reinforcing the Christian communities and promoting their peaceful co-existence with the Muslim majority, Azbej said, adding that the grammar school is scheduled to reopen for 500 students next year. The state secretary said that tens of thousands of illegal migrants arrive in Bosnia-Herzegovina each year. He insisted that thousands of them gather in Bihać, the worst-hit area, “breaking laws and local rules while making no attempt at integration”, with a deleterious effect on public security in that region. Most recently, Hungary Helps has launched humanitarian projects to mitigate the risk of migration while promoting the co-existence of local communities and illegal migrants, Azbej said.

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